Thursday, August 21, 2014

Review: Naked3 palette by Urban Decay

I bought this fabulous palette while I was on holiday. While being in Sephora, I was indecisive about which palette I should buy and ended with the Naked3 by Urban Decay. I like the unique theme of the palette: rose. These rosie shades are no what you usually see in other palettes. I honestly think Urban Decay killed it with this one. We can all agree that this palette is original and new since there's not one like it. My favourite colors are Strange, Dust, Limit, Nooner and Blackheart. I am not a fan of darker colors anymore but Blackheart is amazing. It's a very dark purple with pink glitters.

Here's my three favourite looks with the palette:

Look number one

1. After priming the eye, aply Limit in the crease and downward to form a V with a large fluffy brush. Blend till there's no more harsh lines. 

2. Aply Dust on the middle of the second third of the lid with a flat brush and blend with a fluffy one. 

3. Aply Strange on the last third of the eyes to the tearduct and onto the browbone.

4. Draw a cat flic with a gel or liquid liner.

5. Tightline with a black pencil and aply mascara to the top and bottom lashes.

Look number two

1. After aplying the eye primer, start by aplying Nooner all over the lid and in the crease with a fluffy brush and blend. Aply the same color again and blend. 

2. With a pencil brush, aply Blackheart messily at the top lashline and blend. Aply a couple time till the color is dark enough and give a smoky effect. (you can also blend a little bit of Darkside if you want it darker)

3. With a black pencil, line the lashline and blend with a pencil brush into the shadow we just placed. 

4. Aply Blackheart under the eye and blend. 

5. Line both waterline with a black or dark purple pencil. 

6. Aply mascara.