Sunday, February 22, 2015

Review: Full exposure eyeshadow palette by Smashbox

They may be a little expensive but eyeshadow paletter are - in my opinion - worth it. That is, if you chose the right one! Before splurging on the latest eyeshadow palette at Sephora, look at reviews and listen to people who did purchase the palette. This way, you won't throw your money by the windows. 

I recently bought the Full exposure palette by Shashbox and I regret nothing. It reminds me a lot of the Lorac Pro palette (color wise). I love that there's a full row of neutral matte shadows, they are my favourites but sadly dificult to find. I'm not a colorful person when it comes to makeup; I like neutrals and basic looks. 

This palette cost around 60$ and has fourteen shadows which makes it a great deal. Most palettes only have from ten to twelve shadow and cost about the same price - or higher. It comes with a double ended brush and a travel size eyeshadow primer. 

You can buy it here !