Wednesday, May 27, 2015

May favorites


Fit me matte+poreless foundation by Maybelline I've been wanting to try this foundation for so long and I finally got it. After seeing so many good reviews on Youtube and blogs, I decided to buy it since it was on sale. When I first started with makeup, I loved the Fit me foundation (the original one) but now that I got older and know a lot more about makeup, I found out that it wasn't for my skin type at all. Recently, they came out with a new formula for normal to oily and I love it. You can read my review here.

Lash sensational mascara by Maybelline This is Maybelline's latest mascara and like most of their mascara, I like it. The brush reminds me a lot of the butterfly one by L'Oréal which I also like. 

Matte about you top coat by Essie Matte nails have ben my favourites for a while now  but the only matte top coat I had wasn't working very well - to not say at all - and the other one was a black polish. I was septical to buy the Essie top coat becuase if it doesn't works, I'll be a waste of money. Thankfully it worked and I am loving it. And surprisingly, it only take seconds to dry which makes me want to paint my nails more often! 

Ladylike nail polish by Essie You might already know that I'm obsessed with nude nails since a couple weeks. I am loving this trend! This one is a light, mauve-y nude. 

Bikini so teeny nail polish by Essie I bought this polish almost two years ago and now just decided to give it some love. Not that I didn't like the color when I bought it, my taste just changed. I now prefer most settle or neutral colors. I've grown out of love with bright colors. I still like a bright nail for summer but I became really, really picky. I lvoe this baby blue color with a hint of purple. It reminds me of a color Kylie Jenner wore once.

Lip scrub I found them pointless when I first started using them but that's only becasue I wasn't using them properly. Yes, my lips were softer but the dry/chapped skin stayed. I found a new method online who said to remove the lips crub with a warm cloth and it really makes a difference. I was very surprised. 

Gel liner For a long time I did my makeup without gel liner and after purchasing a new one (finally!) I can't go without. My favourite is the infallible gel liner by L'Oréal. It's really, really black and stay all day. 

Flowerbomb perfume by Victor&Rolf I bought this last summer when I was on holiday since it's not available where I live. I only got the rollerball so I have to use it carefully, lol. I love this perfume, it stays on for ages and smells really good. Definelty one of my favourite from my collection. It's sweet and floral but not grandma floral.


Striped tee After months of having a striped tee in my drawer, I finally decided to tailor it (it was too big) and I've been living in it since then. Stripes is one of my favourite print, along with plaid. It's monochrome colors goes with everything from blue jeans to red shorts.

Cut out booties/sandals The sun decided to show up here in Canada this month whic means the sandals can finally come out of their boxes, yay! I bought a pair of black,lazer cut sandals last year (they were on sale for 25$ I think) but haven't worn then really much since it was almost fall when I bought them. This year though, I'm gonna wear them a lot. They goes with almost everything becasue they're black and have a small wedge. 


Supernatural I've been staching this TV show non-stop this month. Literally. It's so addicting! The Winchester siblings are definetly entertaining, haha. 

Best of me Why didn't I watch this movie before? What was I waiting for? I had it in my collection ever since it came out but never watched it. Silly me! Just like all of Nicholas Sparks's movies/books, this one didn't let me down. I was a little mad at the end of the film but who wouldn't!

Mockingjay by Susanne Collins I borrowed this book in November after the movie came out and recently started reading it. Imediatly after I started the book, I was wondering why didn't I read this before!? I wouldn't buy this series - it's nowhere as good as the Divergent series by Veronica Roth - but it's a very entertaining book. I love how something is always happening so you don't have time to get bored and never wants to put the damn book down.

City of Glass by Cassandra Clare I finaly got back into reading The Mortal Instrument series after having them resting in my bookshelve for over a year... I don't know why I stopped reading this series - it's so good and addicting! - but I highly regret this stupid decision. I finished the third booklast month (I was half-way trough since over a year) and it was so good. My OTP is finally together and that's all I wished for, haha.

Book diary At first, I wanted to start blogging about books (if you didn't know, I LOVE books) but I had to retain myself because my scheddule doesn't allow me to. Instead, I bought a notebook and write book reviews in there. I love ranting about books but I can never share my thoughts or fangirl about OTPs.


Bad blood - Taylor Swift ft Kendrick Lamar

Do I even need to explain myself here? Taylor Swift, you bad ass queen! I love this video. I think it's one of Tay's best (along with Blank Space) so far. The whole bad ass/girl-power vibe is diferent from her past music videos. Also, I liked that she took all or her best friends to be a part of the video instead of hiring various actors/models. And her red hair at the end.. loved it!

Hold back the river - James Bay

James Bay is my latest obsession in the music area. Not only he has a great and interesting voice, he has the look. He reminds me of Harry Styles with his long hair and hat - and they're both British. I love his whole album and have nothing negative to say about him he's a real good artist. Everyone should check him out!

Review: Fit me matte + poreless foundation by Maybelline

Earlier this year, Maybelline launched a new formula of their Fit me foundation. The original one was made for dry skin and to go with the matte trend, they decided to make a matte formula of the same foundation. This new one is called  'Matte + Poreless' and is in a blue packaging. They also repackaged the original one in a purple packaging and called it 'Smooth + Dewy'.

Now onto the actual review! The formula itself is quite liquidy but not watery like the Eau de Nude by L'Oréal (another of my favourite). I love how it apply with a brush, wether it's a flat top kabuky, buffing brush or even stippling brush, the coverage stays the same. I'd say it is a medium coverage but not buldable. I tried and it didn't look great. 

I find that once aplied, it gives a sticky feel on the skin but after you add a powder on top, it's fine and not sticky anymore. I love how it wear throughout the day and was very impressed by how long-lasting (at least eight hours) it is for a drugstore foundation. My foundation never stay all day but this one still managed to look flawless when I took off my makeup at night. 

This foundation reminds me a lot of the new one by Lise Watier called Teint Lumiere  I recently tried as a sample but at the fraction of the price! 

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Style inspiration: Rosie Huntington Whiteley

rosie huntington whiteley

Rosie's effortless look amaze me. She always manage to look well dressed - never under or over-dressed -  whatever the occasion, wether it's to grab a cup of coffee in the morning or head to an event. I also like how she (most of the time) chose pants over skirts for an everyday outfit but a fab gown (or feminine dress) for special events.

Sans titre #1806

Monday, May 11, 2015

The summer blues // Styling denim shorts

NEW BLOG POST // The summer blues

Denim shorts are one of the most - if not THE most - item worn during summertime. They've been around for quite a long time now and aren't close to leave the market. In every washes and style possible, rips or no rips, they are definetly a staple in our summer warderobe.

Sans titre #1788
Sans titre #1789
Sans titre #1800
Sans titre #1791
Sans titre #1799
Sans titre #1796

Thursday, May 07, 2015

Top 10 tips for healthy hair!

After having my hair dramaticaly damaged, getting healthy, soft hair became a priority. So I started reading online and making my own research. Here's 10 tips to reach your hair goal!

1. Use the most organic products possible. The less chimic you'll use on your hair, the healthier they'll be/look.
2. Only shampoo the roots! It dries out the ends.
3. Double shampoo when you use products like hairspray, mousse, etc (anything that can built up on your scalp).
4. Irons and any hot tools are your ennemy! Let your hair natural whenever you don't need to dress up. And don't forget to use heat protector when you use any hot tools/hair dryer.
5. Wait at least two month between hair dyes. There's a lot of chimical in hair dies and it's not good for your hair. Don't get me started with bleach..
6. Use oils on the ends. Argan oil, coconut oil..
7. Use a pea size of hair mask on your ends if you don't have hair oil.
8. Put your hair up after applying conditioner. Conditioner can cause backnee.
9. Expensive products are not always the best. 
10. Use a Wet Brush to detangle your hair. These hairbrushes are made for detangling and don't break your hair as much as a normal hairbrush would.

Shop my favourites here!

Saturday, May 02, 2015

Top 5 Street style // April

Kylie's outfits were perfection this month. This one is very spring-y with the pale hues (light jeans, white top/shoes and blush bag). I'm used to see Miss Jenner in dark outfits - she wears a lot of black, just like me -but this outfit she wore for easter was a great change. 

While shooting for Maybelline in NYC, Gigi wore this monochrome outfit. I love the leather top she's wearing. We usually see people wearing leather pants/skirts/short/jackets but never a proper top like this shirt. It definetly gives the outfit a more bad-ass look. I can't wait to see this Maybelline add!

I want- no, I need this red dress! Kylie looks so good in red - a color she doesn't wear often. Wtih the black killer shoes and bag, the bright color of the dress really stand out. I can't wait to get my hands of the pretty dress. 

Will she stop dressing so well? Her love for bodycon/figure hugging dresses has me dying. It's hard to stand out when you're the younger of a 'spotlight' family but Kylie did it somehow. She's definetly my favourite out of the Kardashian/Jenner family. This mesh pannel dress by Alexander McQueen caught my eyes a couple weeks ago and I was happily surprised to see her wearing the said dress  a few weeks later. 

I love this simple outfit Karlie wore for her event in NYC. Her style is always minimalistic but on point. She's never over the top when it come to clothing. But somehow, she manage to kill it. Denim paired with pumps is one of my favourite things to match. And let's not forget the leather jacket.