Monday, September 28, 2015

London Fashion week

London fashion week SS16

In all honesty, London Fashion is my least favorite. No offence to the city - I love London - but my favorite designers are not showing in this city aside from Topshop Unique and Burberry. Both very attended and awaited shows. Lots of chiffon with youthful prints were used during Topshop Unique. The brand is know for her British youth and fresh style. I was very surprised to see this amountof fur on a spring/summer catwalk, very unusual but none-the-less interesting. Not only is was on coats but also bags and shoes! Menswear inspires tuxedos transformed into longer, tailored dresses and ankle cigarettes. The jumbo polka dots gave a very 40s vibe to the looks, skinny pattents belts acessorized the looks perfectly without overpowering the ensembles. Holey knits worn under menswear jackets giving a sexy, more feminine stlye to the usualy manly piece. 

Next is - one of my personal favorite - Burberry Prorsum. Black and white was, once again, dominating the runway, acompanied by pop of gold on, almost, every looks. The show was beautiful, garden party themed. The romantic dresses were paired with military jackets, lightweight trenches - the brand's iconis piece. Lots of sheer laces, minis and double breasted jackets. Like always, the show was one of my favorite, Christopher never seize to amaze me with his collections. Always a succes!

Sunday, September 27, 2015

review: nip+fab glycolic fix scrub and pads

The Glycolic fix scrub feels a lot like the Vitamin C michrodermabration from The Body Shop in therms of texture. It's thick with lots of very fine beeds. It gently exfoliate the skin and doesn't get stuck in my nails (a pet peeve  of mine) when I use it. My skin feels really soft after I use it and I know the next day will be a good makeup day! Contrarly to other scrubs I've tried in the past, this doesn't makes me break out which is a miracle.

Now onto the Glycolic fix pads! I've spoken about these in a recent favorite of mine (either june or july), I love them. They became a staple in my morning skincare routine. At first, I thought they werepointless and didn't do anything to my skin. But I was wrong! I'm used to products that quickly makes a diference as this one makes a diference after using it for a longer time. During the month I noticed my skin was much more clear and all of my scars were faded (you can still see them but they're not as in your face as they were). It really did improve the look of my skin and completly changed my skincare routine. I use a lot less of pimple creams!

I first heard of this brand by Kylie Jenner which is now their new spokeperson. I was surprised of the low price of the range. I thought the products would be very expensive due to the Kardashian/Jenner's habbits in makeup/skincare. I highly recomend these two products (mainly the pads) and I can't wait to try more of the range soon. Definetly will make a review on them.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

New York Fashion week

This New York Fashion week has been a weird one. I tried to keep up with everything but it was, alas, impossible. For starters, Givenchy's show had been relocated to New York this season to celebrate 10 years reflective of Riccardo Tisci at the Parisian house. The show is one of the most awaited during Paris Fashion week which was strange to be relocated to New York. The looks were very repetitive. Lots of slip dresses, silk and sheer lace, black and white palette with a couple, barely there, creams. Lots of monochrome on the Rebecca Minkoff runway (again) but this time, mixed with soft, cool pastel hues. Silk and lace fabrics mixed with rough leather giving a mixed vibe to the show. For his ten years of succes, Alexander Wang didn't had any specific theme in mind when creating his spring/summer collection. The designer having recently retired from his contract with Balenciaga came out with a variety of destroyed denim, bold stripes, modern military separates, silky nightwear (pajama inspired tops and slip dresses). 

This season, Mrs (Victoria) Beckham took a completely diferent approach with her collection. Her usual buisness woman attires switched up to a fresh start including check prints, breezy silouhaites with a color palette of mostly white with with accents of blues and oranges mixed in. Very diferent from her past collection!Rag and Bone opted for a sportswear inspired theme including slip dresses (a pattern is forming here). The whole show was dominated by navy blue. For Coach, the 70s vibe was at its highest! The  runway was mainly consisted of missmatched fabrics and colorful leathers and suede pieces. Very breezy and light for the most part. Perfect for hot spring/summer days. To close off the week, Marc Jacobs put on a old fashion cinematographic red carpet style runway called: Marc Jacobs: One Night Only! His looks consisted of very retro looking pieces, 40s pin-up inspired and the coloring was centered on red and blues to add on the monochrome (mostly white with a faint amount of black) theme that seems to be ever so repetitive in collections these past seasons (not that we'll ever get tired of it!).

Seeing all these beautiful, new clothes during on the catwalks is only one side of the fashion week. We cannot forget about the amazing street style that's happening during these shows or in-between. This year, Gigi Hadid made head turn the whole week whether it's during an after-party event (that Balmain+H&M dress!) in evening or running from shows to shows during the daylight. Done up or makeup free, Gigi is the Queen of fashion week. Here's a few of my favorite looks!

Monday, September 21, 2015

Autumn seasoning

Sans titre #2317

Switching season isn't always easy. We keep browsing trough varried magazines and website in hope to find new trends to incorporate into your closet for the upcoming season. It's easy to get tricked and fall down the rabbit hole into the fashion world. There is so mane new trends on the runways but we can't try them all - unless you are rich whic isn't the case for most of us. Now comes September, we need to chose because the shops are pulling out their new stock and the best pieces will quickly sell out. 

My personal tips is to lay out all your basics - make sure you have every basics you need beforehand - and chose five new trends that will a) fits with your current style and b) bring a little fashion touch to your everyday style without overcrowding your current style. You still want to be you, not some fashion-y doll. And most important, never splurge on a rendy item, these are easily sold in fast-fashion stores for much cheaper. 

Sans titre #2307

Leather jackets are a autumn staple for most of us. Here, I decided to take a little spin on the classic leather jacket and chose one with a shearling panel on the upper body. It adds texture to the (almost) all balck outfit. 

Sans titre #2309

Polo sweaters have been a new discovery for me over the last autumn/winter. I love the classic look it gives to an outfit while keeping your warm. My favorites are definetly the ones by Acne Studio (oversized ribbed, sweater dress, etc) they look so comfy and warm. 

Sans titre #2311

Fringes and over the knee boots are one of my favorite combo this year! To some, this fringes two-piece (jacket and skirt) might bee too overshelwing but its neutral, dark color calms down the vibe. Among all the over the knee boots I've seen, Stuart Weitzman's lowland and highland are by far my favorite. The shape and style is just perfect but the price is a bummer...

Sans titre #2314

In my opinion, ripped jeans goes perfectly with fall's edgy vibe. The dark, moody weather piled with the leaves falling gives a new ambience that matches with the rougher side of fashion. Plaid, ripped denim, studds and leather are all the key to this new season. 

Sans titre #2316

Walking in booties (or other fashionable shoes) like a top model can be tiring at time. That's what sneakers are for. They've grown on me over the past months and now, I'm growing quite a collection... #Guilty I'm still not ready to commit to training shoes but I quite like the look of Vans or Adidas. They're classic and more structured which leads away from the everyday sneaker look.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Curently craving

I should be banned from Instagram and my laptop. My makeup drawer is full yet, all I'm thinking about is buying new makeup. And to top it all, Kylie Jenner just launcher her website/app where she shares the product she uses which makes me want tu buy them all because who doesn't want to have a makeup game as strong as her? Also, a NYX counter recently opened where I live and I was so excited to see all these new products - the only drugstore who had them had only the old collection - and of course, buy tons! Other than that, the change of season is bringing lots of new products on the market from my favorite brands. 

Sans titre #2295

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Review: Infallible pro-matte 24HRS foundation by L'Oréal

I recently promised myself to not by more than one foundation at a time and to wait till the bottle/tube is completly empty to buy a new one. I prevents me from having too much of the same makeup and waisting my money on things I don't need or having two of the same thing (yes, it happens sometimes...). So far it works and my makeup drawer is thanking me! I had my eyes on this new L'Oréal foundation since it came out last fall (correct me if I am wrong) but its high price (20$) made me a little hesitant to jump and get it. I can almost buy a high end foundation with twenty dollars. I thought it was very exagerated but aren't all L'Oréal products expensive? I waited till it was reviewed online - and raved about - to splurge. I recomend doing that, it can make you save a lot of money. 

The back claims to have a semi-mat finish, lasting 24 hours (I'm a little iffy about that), have a medium coverage and light weight. After trying it, I can agree on a few points but it definetly do not lasts 24 hours. I had it on from nine o'clock (morning) till ten o'clock (night) and the coverage was decent still but not the same as when I first applied it in the morning. Who wears their makeup for 24 hours, anyway? The color matches me perfectly (I use 102 Shell beige) which is a rare thing due to my fair complexion. The texture is quite thick and has a funny smell I can remember what it reminds me of. I apply the foundation with a buffing brush my Real Techniques - which I use for almost all of my foundations. 

I'm glad I spent a little extra money on this foundation and regret nothing, don't let the high price fool you, get it on sale, there's always sales at the drugstore. I give it a 9/10 because it didn't do everything it claimed on the back of the tube. 

Monday, September 14, 2015

August favorites

Gold eyeshadow This month, I've been so busy and on the rush. My eye makeup was only a wash of gold shadow all over the lid and mascara (sometimes a flick too). I'm not one to go for bold colors on the lid, I prefer earthy tones or warm golds (or sometimes pinks from the Naked 3 palette). Since we're in the middle of summer, a gold eye look is perfect and will make you look like a bronzed godess if you add bronzer arround the perimeter of your face, which I've also been doing.

Silkissme eyeliner by L'Oréal Among all the liners I own, I had no black one - shocker. I love how black L'Oréal products are and their staying power is usualy very great. I mainly use it for smokey eye (smudging) since I stopped using liners on my waterline a year ago.

Smokey eye One of the reason I love my Smashbox Full exposire palette is because of it's diversity of both matter and shimery shadows and ability to creane many diferent looks. This month (the last half) I've been into the smokey eye a lot and this palette alone allow me to do a full eye look. All the shadows are great quality and pigmented. I love how the mattes are super smooth which is dificult to find in stores.

Glamoflauge concealer by Hard Candy For a long time, Dermablend by Vichy has been my holy grail correcting concealer but I've been noticing how it was clogging my pores and create breakouts wherever I aplied it. I searched in my makeup stash for something else I could use and found this one by Hard Candy. I found it lasts even longer than the Vichy one and the coverage is pretty much the same. A little goes a long way with this one, though. And it's super cheap as well. Give it a try!

Enchanted wonderstruck perfume by Taylor Swift Out of Taylor's perfume range, this one is my favorite. It's a very sweet scent but not candy-like at all. I highly prefer sweet scent over fruity or ever florals. I don't hate them but they're not my favorites.

Authentic all black Vans I've been outside a lot this month as well as running errands. I was thankfull to have these sneakers in my collection. I prefer them to my pair of battered Converse since they're easier to slip on and go.

Premium denim from Garage I think I finally found my holy grail pair of blue jeans! Garage recently came out with a new line of denim called Premium denim. I've been a fan of their jeans for a long time and recently tried this new cut. They are life changing. If you want soft, quality denim, I recomend you these. They're high wiasted and feels like you're wearing leggings. Their price is higher than the brand's regular line but totally worth it!

The Vampire Diaries I've spoken about this TV show before but I just started watching the other seasons (I only own the first on DVD) and I'm officially addicted. After my Twilight phase I discovered this series and read the books - which I still love. I wasn't a die-hard fan of the series during those years but now that there's more Delena actions, I'm all for it! Definetly team Delena.

The Longest Ride Why did I wait all this time to watch this movie? Another of my stupid decision I guess because this movie was awesome. I had low expectation because of its subject (rodeo, I was clueless for the most part of the plot) but I was very impressed. And I am proud to tell you I had predicted the ending (without reading the book). It's definetly in my favorite Nicholas Sparks movies!

City of Lost Souls by Cassandra Clare This one is the fifth book from the TMI series and oh my... It was the best so far! I liked City of Fallen Angels but this one was much better - not that the previous was bad. All of my favorite ships finally got together and it gave me major fangirl feels - and heartbreak.

Badland - Halsey I've listened to tons of albums from every genre in my life but no one compares to Halsey's Badland. I love everything about her album. Halsey is honest when she speaks and sing. She sing about real, honest thing even it it's a sad truth. Her voice is very unique and soft, I'm obsessed.

Wildest dreams - Taylor Swift

Taylor's latest video had me screaming at my computer screen. I love it so much. The concept is interesting and have a unique but real ending. Like always, Taylor manage to look breathtaking sporting this 50s look - do I need to mention the black hair? I could go on for hours about this video but I'll limit myself to a few sentences.

Monday, September 07, 2015

Plaid once, plaid twice

Check patterns have been arround for a long time. Decades passed and we still find them abundantly on the fall/winter runways. We all know about the classic tartan from the 90s or the lumberjack plaid but what about the other type of check patterns? Just like tartan, the glen plaid (also known as Prince of Wales check) is originated from Scotland. The tattersall was very popular in the equestrian culture since the 1700s and also on men's shirts. Now, a more familiar called windowpane which is still very popular and comonly used in women dresses (or any buisness attires), coats or mens's suits. And lastly, our classic lumberjack print is a gingham check.

Sans titre #2240
Sans titre #2233
Sans titre #2238
Sans titre #2242
Sans titre #2239
Sans titre #2241

Saturday, September 05, 2015

Style inspiration: Julie Sariñana

Sans titre #2260

Julie Sariñana, also known as Sincerly Jules, is a blogger I've been loving over the past weeks.  Her style is simple, yet, put together (a pattern I'm always looking for). To me, simplicity with a touch of is interesting pieces the key to perfect street style. Overcrowded outfits are not my thing. If you take a peak into Julie's instagram or blog, you'll see her more often than not wearing jeans or tee shirt (very casual). But when added a nice bag or cool shoes, it completly transform your outfit from 'meh' to 'amazing'. She is not one for loud prints but isn't affraid of stepping out of her comfort zone or trying out new things from time to time. She is also a big traveler - check her instagram - so comfort is one of her key! 

Sans titre #2259

Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Review: Moisture recovery shampoo/conditioner by Joico

Joico is the haircare line that saved my hair from falling off (no joke) five years ago. I was a huge fan of the K-Pack line back in the days but had to stop using due to the amount of products I was dying to try. As I was passing near the aisle of salon haircare at the pharmacy the other day, I decided to give Joico another try but with another line in range. I chose the Moisture recovery one because nobody wants dry hair, right?

I only got the travel size (I recomend getting the travel sizes/samples when you try out a product, you don't waste too much money if you end up not liking it) but it was enough to get my idea on the product. Just like every product I tried from the brand, I love it. Surprisingly, the shampoo feels very moisturising on the hair but doesn't weight them down like most shampoos claiming being moisturising. As for the conditioner, it leaves my hair very soft and isn't tricky to rinse. (I hate when it does that!) The smell is very herbal and calming and the texture is quite liquid-y.