Monday, October 26, 2015

review: superstay better skin concealer by maybelline

So many new products came out from Maybelline this week! Being one of my favorite drugstore/affordable brand (seconded by L'Oréal), I had to get something. I chose this new concealer from the Superstay range called Better skin. The foundation was available as well but I've seen to many disapointing review on it. I hope to review their new mascara and brow products (duo pencils and palettes) very soon! 

It claims to instantly provides all-day flawless correction. Visibly reduces the appearance of dark circles, spots and imperfections in just 3 weeks. I've only worn this once but I had it on for a fairly decent amount of time (more than twelve hours) and I was very impressed. At first, when I blended it under my eye it was all patchy and didn't cover anything at all but the second eye was flawless. What? After a second layer, both eyes were flawless. Don't drag the product or it will look patchy and won't work at all. Pat it in with a sponge (not a brush!), the result will be much better and satisfying. I was impressed by the longevity of this product. None of my concealer looks 'makeup goal' after more than twelve hours of wear. 

Sunday, October 25, 2015

sorry // explainations

Over the past weeks, I've been doing a lot of thinking - my brain never stops, help me! - and of course, my blog came into the lineup. Lots of decisions have been made and will soon be executed in the following weeks. Firstly, from now on, I won't post a blogpost for the sake of posting something, that's plain dumb and I know I will end up deleting it later on. I also want to put more time into the post I write - something I've been doing already - and will soon be investing into a better quality camera, yay! Right now, I'm cathegorizing all ove my posts and deleting the ones I'm not happy about - which is lots. It's so time consuming... Don't worry, I'm still posting every Monday and Thursday (finally a scheddule!).

xoxo Christina

Thursday, October 22, 2015

going out makeup tutorial // autumn edition

Months has passed since my last makeup tutorial on the blog and lots of products/techniques have changed since. After posting many Snapchats - I'm addicted, ha! - I recieved lots of questions on how I did my makeup. 

  • Infallible pro-matte 24H foundation by L'Oréal (review here).
  • Better skin concealer by Maybelline under the eyes only (review coming soon).
  • Stay matte pressed powder in Transparent by Rimmel.
  • Sunny bronzer by NYC as a faint contour under the cheekbones and on the temples.

  • Mix the top second to left and bottom first shade from the Nudes palette by Maybelline (review here) and apply all over the eye. Blending well with a fluffy brush.
  • Take the matte black from the Full exposure palette by Smashbox (review here) with a flat top brush and use it as a liner to make a cat eye, ending in the middle of the eye. Use tape to have a crisp line! 
  • Add black liner like Smoldering eye pencil by L'Oréal to intensify the look, set with the same black shadow. Remove the tape.
  • Mix the same two colors from the Nude palette for under the eyes to balence the look. 
  • Apply a coat of Voluminous mascara by L'Oréal and Lash sensational by Maybelline on the top and bottom lashes.
  • Duo powder in Deep brown by Anastasia Beverly Hills.
  • Browdrama by Maybelline.

  • Biotherm lipbalm
  • Lip liner in East end snob by Rimmel
Get everything I used for this look!

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Paris Fashion week

Paris is my favorite fashion week - followed by Ney York and Milan. I'm a european at heart - and roots - and lots of my favorite designers/shows are at PFW. I was surprised to see tracksuits separates at the start of the Chloé show. It's very unusual of the brand but soon, the festival/free spirited classic vides too over the runway showing various flowy dresses, peasant tops, rainbow colored pleated skirts/dresses, lace up sandals. The 90s vibe was not too far as oversized & frayed denim separates took over for a couple looks. I loved the wide leg overalls. This season, Rousting toned down on the black and used more neutrals colors for his creations with a few pop of color here and there using teal and orange hues. This left me a little sad - I love the monochromatic vibe Balmain adopted over the past seasons, I was sad to see it all go. That being said, the beadings and rufflings though, stayed for the SS16 season, a classic of the house. Suede was the main part of the looks. It was on everything, literaly. From mini dresses to pants and even bodysuits. Disapointment was felt for Isabel Marant who is - one of - my favorite designer. I didn't like the vibe or the show. The sequins leggings are not my cup of tea and I was not a fan of the pants under skirts... It reminds me of cringe-y outfits I used to wear in primary school. Harrem pants and metallic bottows/outwears mixed in with the bohemian, festival-goers tops, a classic of Marant's style. 

Saint Laurent, on another hand, lived up to my expectations. I love the biker, grungy style of the brand, I think it's one of the reason why I'm so obsessed with Heidi Slimane's collection every seasons. Lots of plunging necklines, see-trough dresses - and nip-slips - this season on both minis and long gowns, all in the slip dress style. It's an interesting contrast with the biker look of denim and leather. Oversixed blazers and wide leg pants gave the classic tux a new allure I'm really found of. The hunter boots threw me off a little I have to admis and what was going on with all these tiaras on the models's heads? Bright prints in colorful hues took part of the first segment at Stella McCartney, followed by black&white and its compagnons. Bright knit separates, re-invented polo tee shirt - and in dress form - in it's classic fabric and in denim. The suits were oversized and black, white or nude. I loved the variety of sleeveless jacket with long pants, more summer apropriate than a bulky blazer. For the last segment, a veriety of psychadelic patterned dresses in bright colors. It wouldn't be a (Alexander) McQueen show without victorian looking gowns with ruffles cascading across the body and falling off shoulders, tattered laces   English roses bloomed on a coupledressed in the middle of the collection, giving a stronger old London/Paris vibe the house is known for. Some looks were very costume-y but again, so was the victorian era. This particular dress game me major Katniss Everdeen feels - it must be the bird embroderie.

Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Fierce in bodysuits

Bodysuits have finally made it to the fashion world, yay! They're no longer reserved for ballet or other dancing/ice skating activities. I like their sleek, form fitting shape and how it can easily be the focal piece of an outfit - thing these lace up ones we're seen everywhere this summer. 

Bloggers, models and celebrities took part of this trend over the summer, it was everywhere. Selena Gomez, Gigi & Bella Hadid all stepped into the trend wagon. The music festivals were crowded of these one piece baiting suit look alike. Worn with denim cut off , maxi/mini skirts or wide leg pants. They's so easy to style and throw on when you're in a hurry but they're such a pain when you need to use the bathroom... 

Now that summer is over, it doesn't means they are. You cannot style them the same way you did for the estival season (obviously!) but they're wearable. Layering is the key. With a pair of jeans and a jacket or a button up skirt and tights, the transition is ideal. I have a weak spot for all black outfits when it comes to bodysuits. Casual or formal, you always look fierce and powerful in those skin tight suits!

Sans titre #2387
Sans titre #2388
Sans titre #2389
Sans titre #2390
Sans titre #2391
Sans titre #2392
Sans titre #2393
Sans titre #2407

Monday, October 05, 2015

Milan Fashion week

Milan Fashion weekss16

After New York and London, it's Milan who takes place in the fashion world, brigning all of us to beautiful Italy for the second time this year. Dolce & Gabbana knows how to please and stayed true to their pattern, once again. The clothes were very feminine and contained various floral prints, making the overall look like a beautiful summer garden. Lace was also quite popular and mixed in very well with the floral patterns. Lettering and patches were used on dresses, skirts and tops giving a crafty, touristic look to the ensembles. A few co-ords were thrown in here and there along the classic silouhaites giving the vintage show major pin-up vibes. The tailored suits were re-invented with either a cropped or oversized jacket. Donatella (Versace) never disapoint with her creations. This season, she opted for a safari vibe including various animal prints in vibrant tones (oranges, vibrant greens, purple, etc.) mixed with military inspired pieces. The modern summer suit - aka co-ords - were also present in diferent posibilities. Or course, we cannot forget the beautiful minis she designed and took a major part in her show. In this collection, all diferent styles are involved, going from sporty sweatshirts to sexy thigh high slits.

A strong nautical vibe was set on the Max Mara catwalk. Lots of stripes, stary patterns, sailor buttons bottoms, rope designs - and actual rope. Wide leg pants, oversized dresses, misbuttoned jackets/coats took a mojor part into Ian Griffiths's collection. Well known for its furry and leather creations, Karl Lagerfeld and Silvia Venturini Fendi opted for a 'no concept' collection. Puffed sleeves, lots of pleated and smocking effects on playsuits, dresses and shorts. Exagerated pockets were added for a contemporary and practical look on precenently formal dresses. Of course, it wouldn't be a Fendi show without some furry bits and leather accents! My favorite piece - like a lot of us - is definetly this coral playsuit we've seen everywhere since the collection has been revealed. Who knew tailored pantsuits could be worn so casual with a cropped tee on a runway? Believe me or not, Emporio Armani did it for its spring/summer collection which was a well divided between formal and casual. The overall tailoring of the show was crowded with many manly pieces going from boy shorts to oversized coats and flat footwear with a pastel-y palette to balance everything. 

Sans titre #2361