Tuesday, September 13, 2016

my top 5 beauty bloggers/youtubers

Just like a lot of people today, Youtube has taken an important side of my life. After I left high school, that's where I turned to everyday - and Tumblr. I've always been interested in makeup and beauty but watching people make videos and creating looks taught me a lot about everything makeup related. Before I got my laptop and started watching Youtube videos, I didn't know what was the difference between setting powder and bronzer... My raccoon eyes and orange face were a look, I'm telling you. I looked like a terrible mess, it was tragic. I wasn't feeling my best at that time in my life but makeup helped me focus on something else and do something I truly enjoyed. I would spend hours on my laptop, watching different beauty gurus. As silly as it sounds, makeup helped me a lot and gave purpose to my life - that's maybe a little too deep. Still today, I read/watch a good amount of blogger and in all different kinds/style. Some are very glam - I think of Tati from Glamlifeguru - or grungy/sfx - Mykie from Glam&Gore - but, like everyone, I have some personal favorites. Here are my top five favorite beauty bloggers/youtubers - no particular order.

1. Jkissa

Out of all the beauty vloggers I watch on YouTube, Jkissa is probably the boldest one. Not that it's a bad thing! Most of her looks are very bold, bright and out there and that's something I really love about her. She's not afraid to pair opposite colors/play with bright colors. It's just makeup, it washes off at the end of the day, have fun! Blue or green lips, different colored eyes (I'm talking about eyeshadows), she's all for that bright, colorful life. Even with her hair! I also like that she's not wearing any foundation - ever. She shows that you don't need to wear a full face of makeup to wear makeup - does that make sense? Makeup doesn't have rules, you do you.

2. Jaclyn Hill

This one is probably not a shocker as she's a lot of people's favorite. But, contrarily to most, I only recently discovered/started watching Jaclyn's videos recently... Sorry, I'm so late on the boat. I came across her while browsing on Instagram, searching for girls with red dyed hair - I'm dying mine soon and wanted some makeup inspiration. I searched her up on YouTube and, here we are! My favorite thing about Jaclyn is that she didn't have an easy life - nothing was free handed to her -, she had to work hard to get to where she is now. Her collab with Becca Cosmetics proves that if you really want something, you will get it but, you'll have to work for it. 

3. Amanda Endsing 

When I think of Amanda, I think full on glam. I don't remember seeing a video of her where she didn't look like an Instagram Baddie - not that it's a bad thing. Whenever I feel like doing a fancier look, I look on her IG for inspiration. Or for new lippies! I love how positive and overall confident she is in her videos. She's truly an inspiration.

4. Kathleen Lights

The easiness of her tutorials is probably what put her into this spot, as one of my top five. There is so many times where I struggled to understand what was going on/what to do when I watched tutorials in my early makeup days...What a mess! Nothing was even alike to what I watched. I remember understanding all of Kathleen's steps and them being easy for a beginner like me. Without her videos, my makeup would probably still be a mess just like in my high schooler days...

5. Hailie Barber

I'm gonna be honest, back in January, when I stumbled upon Hailie on Youtube, I binge watched all of her videos because I was obsessed with her grey hair... After watching so many of her makeup looks, her love for warm tones and colorful looks grew on me and now, I'm slowly experimenting more with colors. Other than our shared love for makeup, she also happen to like the same music as me - which is very rare. Before her, I never found a makeup (or fashion) lover who likes Pierce the Veil, A Day to Remember, Halsey, Sleeping with Sirens or that type of music. Can we be besties now?